ScotlandTheMap is a ground-breaking, national mapping project virtually connecting online knowledge resources about the 'key building blocks' of Scotland, by visually connecting them in digital knowledge maps. This makes them quicker & easier to find & utilise, which greatly benefits resource users, producers, and the nation as a whole. We achieve this using our unique mix of professional information hunting & cartography skills and MindManager, the world leading information mapping software. The resulting HTML map files - which you are free to view, download & share on this site - open in any modern browser, on any device, without the need for any plugins. We welcome your feedback & suggestions for subjects for future maps, or other definitive / official / plain old useful 🙂 knowledge resources to link to (as long as they're freely accessible in the public domain). We are also keen to collaborate with like minded organisations, communities & projects for the benefit of the common good.
Angus McDonald
Scotland The Map Project Director and Knowledge Mappers Founder & CEO

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